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We are one of few companies in Japan that work in both the medical equipment sales business and the travel industry.

We introduce advanced medical treatment in which Japan has expertise. These include areas such as cancer radiation therapy, minimally invasive medical care such as endoscopic treatment, heart treatments, and neurosurgery. Our medical institutions appropriate to patients by our unique medical institution network and proposal of tour planning.

We coordinate with foreign patients who want a health examination or treatment in Japan after promotion for each country has been done by experienced native staff. When patients come to Japan, we use interpreters to help support mutual understanding between medical institutions and non-Japanese patients.

Medical examinations

The thorough medical examination and detailed examination offered by our company are conducted with state-of-the-art testing equipment such as PET-CT or MRI. The data is created accurately and speedily, and the doctors give direct health guidance. We are trying to provide a safe and high-quality medical service.

Medical examinations

Major medical examinations

  • General physical examination

    This is a basic set of general examinations, including basic tests of blood, fat metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, liver function, type B/ type C, kidney function, and urine analysis.

  • PET examination/without CT

    This is a full set of tests including a cardiovascular examination, examination with MRI, and digestive organ examination. In addition, there is a test of the inner fat, which is closely related to lifestyle-related diseases and measures predictive factors of cerebral infarction or heart infarction.

  • PET examination/CT cancer examination

    For early cancer screening, this test includes PET-CT and various tumor marker tests. In addition, it checks for infection of helicobacter pylori that can cause gastric ulcers, gastric MALT lymphoma, and gastric cancer.

  • Whole-body close examination (with PET/CT)

    This is a full set of tests including a cardiovascular examination, examination with MRI, and digestive organ examination. For early cancer screening, it includes PET-CT and various tumor marker tests. In addition, there is a test to inspect the inner fat, which is closely related to lifestyle-related diseases and measures predictive factors of cerebral infarction or heart infarction.

  • MiRTeL Test

    MiRTeL test is a blood test that checks your current body and future one at a genetic level.

    For more information, click here.

Medical treatment

Those who want to get medical treatment in Japan after examination can have a multilingual examination and treatment by foreign medical staff. We will introduce hospitals whose staff care for different cultures and religions, and support with full force from a simple surgery high-level operation.

Cancer treatment

Cancer occurs when part of the body’s cells mutate. It is said that cancer can be better treated through early detection and treatment. We suggest medical institutions practice fundamental and physically-friendly cancer treatment. We will strive to improve the quality of life of cancer patients in Japan and abroad.

Cancer treatment

Cancer treatment(proton beam treatment)

  • Target person
    • Patients who are introduced by other medical institutions, who have been diagnosed with cancer by an attending physician
    • Patients who are expected to be healed by proton therapy
    • Patients who got notified about disease and are willing to receive proton beam treatment
    • Patients who can walk and take care of personal matters on their own
  • Adaption condition
    • No history of radiotherapy for the target spot
    • Pathological diagnosis attached
    • Having an evaluable lesion
    • As a general rule, the maximal length of the tumor should not exceed 15cm.
    • No extensive metastasis
    • Be able to stay asleep in the same posture for about 30 minutes without moving.
  • Characteristics of medical treatment

    When the proton beam is irradiated into the body, it reaches cancer cells, with little effect on normal cells and attacks nucleus DNA. One treatment takes about 15-30 minutes.

    proton beam treatment

Beauty and health promotion

Putting patient safety first, we pursue beauty for women to sustain their glow forever. Treatments include placenta injections and laser treatments. A medical beauty salon is offered by experienced doctors with high standards.

Beauty and health promotion

Details of treatments

  • Rejuvenation

    We inject hyaluronic acid whose components have excellent water retention. We do treatments on texture and pores as well as to improve the look of spots, wrinkles and saggy skin, by 「ePlus」.

  • Petit beauty
    Petit beauty

    We perform simple cosmetic surgery, such as double eyelid burial, the formation of chin, and scar amendment.

  • Placenta injection
    Placenta injection

    This treatment has a wide range of effects such as fatigue recovery, liver function improvement, and even cosmetic improvement of the skin. It forms new cells and rejuvenates the aged body at the cell level.

  • Birthing scars
    Birthing scars

    We offer laser treatment for congenital birthmarks. An anesthesiologist specializing in anesthesia, a plastic surgeon specializing in delicate surgery, and nurses together offer this treatment.

Dental treatment

Teeth have an important role in our life. Besides eating, they greatly affect pronunciation and expression.

We propose the best treatment according to each customer’s request and provide support, from inquiry to precise examination, from treatment plan to maintenance after treatment completion.

Dental treatment

Beautiful teeth Beautiful life

We can enjoy eating meals. A smile glows with beautiful teeth.

Main details of dental treatment

  • Treatment for periodontal disease
    Treatment for periodontal disease

    The most important thing to prevent periodontal disease is teeth brushing (plaque control). We always teach the way to brush your teeth before tartar removal.

  • Root treatment
    Root treatment

    Cavities that progressed to the dental pulp cause inflammation that, if not cared for, will cause the pulp (nerve) to die. We treat the nerve of the root.

  • Cleaning

    We perform mouth cleaning, removing biofilm by PMCT thoroughly. We then polish the tooth surface, making it hard to stain.

  • Aesthetics

    We deal in home-whitening. It removes pigments on the teeth. We also use drugs and laser treatments.

MediTabi support service

Medical matching
Medical stay visa acquisition support
Payment agent service
Medical interpreter/General interpreter dispatch
Pick up and send off at the airport
Accommodations and transport arrangements
Nursing care services(including nurse and physiotherapist)
Arrangement of other options
24-hour call center service
Communication surrogate with medical institution

Voice from customersFebruary 2018

It was the best trip; we got to know the magnificence and kindness of Japan.

My wife suffered from tumors in her lungs with a complication of vascular disease, and was diagnosed as technically impossible to undergo surgery in China. Although the United States was also an option, we finally selected to have her surgery done in Japan. We made this decision after hearing that overall costs in Japan are less than those in the United States while the medical standards there are among the best in the world. I think we made the right choice.

Also, because we went sightseeing, we experienced Japanese tradition and culture, so we were able to really relax. We benefited from careful, good service in the inns, and my wife seemed to enjoy the trip, with a smile throughout.

We want to go to Japan again if we have chance.

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