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MEDICAL TOURISM Medi Tabi Medical care is now headed towards enjoyment

MediTabi(International medical coordination service)

We work in the medical inbound business in Japan and promote the acceptance of patients
from overseas in medical facilities in Japan. We are one of the few companies in Japan
that is involved in both the medical equipment sales business and the travel industry.

As we have much experience in the medical industry and are familiar with Japanese medical care,
we can introduce patients to appropriate medical institutions
that offer medical examinations and treatment.

We provide support throughout the process, from the patient’s acceptance of treatment
to his or her return home, tying up with domestic medical institutions
and accommodation providers.

We offer a meticulous service full of hospitality that is unique to Japan.

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Medical technology and hospitality that Japanese are proud of

We offer cutting-edge medical technology at our many partner hospitals, as well as dental and cosmetic surgery clinics throughout Japan. We also offer top-quality and one of a kind hospitality services at Japan’s many representative high-end inns and sightseeing facilities. We hope you have the chance to experience our services.

Eat Stay Experience Sightseeing


Japanese Food Japanese Food Japanese Food

Enjoy Kyusyu’s unique food culture that makes use of the natural blessings of the sea and mountains as well as villages

In Kyushu, where we can see nature such as the sea and mountains, cooking methods developed that make full use of the traditional food and ingredients. They taste unique to the land and are based on diverse geographical conditions and history. Food cultures have developed in various places. You can taste Japanese food (a traditional culture that is registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage) that has the unique taste of Kyusyu.


泊まる Stay Stay

Varied accommodations, from Japanese-style inns to resort hotels.

In Kyushu, there are plentiful hot springs towns, such as Beppu, Japan’s largest spring; Kurokawa; Yufuin hot spring, which is a popular tourist destination; Ureshino, which is good for skin; and so on. From Japanese-style inns full of traditional atmosphere to resort hotels with various activities, accommodation can be selected from a wide line-up according to people’s needs.


Experience Experience Experience

Unique, local experiences can be the best memories of a trip.

In Kyushu there are many ways in which you can experience nature and culture, such as sports and leisure, traditional crafts that are suitable even for beginners, and so on. You can choose activities based on the time available and the price. You can experience a world that you have never experienced before as a memory of your trip.


Sightseeing Sightseeing Sightseeing

Learn the history and culture of Kyushu at shrines, temples, sightseeing spots, and festivals.

In Kyushu, there is a rich variety of terrain and climate, making it full of beautiful nature. There are many scenic spots where you can enjoy scenery throughout the year and there are sites full of world cultural and historical heritage. Regional festivals, such as Hakatagionyamakasa and Nagasakikunchi, are also good reflections of Kyushu.

MediTabi support service

Medical matching
Medical stay visa acquisition support
Payment agent service
Medical interpreter/General interpreter dispatch
Pick up and send off at the airport
Accommodations and transport arrangements
Nursing care services(including nurse and physiotherapist)
Arrangement of other options
24-hour call center service
Communication surrogate with medical institution

MediTabi model course

Nature, food, healing
Experiencing the charm of Kyushu

Many airplanes, ferries and cruise ships from various cities all across Asia come and go to Fukuoka, a city located in northern Kyushu. Fukuoka is also known as the Entrance to Asia. The number of international visitors to Japan who travel around Kyushu from Fukuoka by Shinkansen or buses is rapidly increasing. There are many reasons why Kyushu is so popular. It is home to the majestic nature of Mount Aso, the world’s largest caldera, as well as Japan’s leading hot spring spa areas such as Kurokawa, Yufuin, and Beppu. There are many places of interest and historic sites, such as shrines, temples, and castles. Moreover, there is fresh delicious food sourced from the mountains and sea thanks to a diverse climate. Kyushu is perfect for those who want to enjoy traveling.

In addition, many medical institutions offer cutting-edge medical care, so it is possible to combine medical and health care with a tourism experience. If you seek a trip offering experience and excitement that you have never had, you should definitely go to Kyushu. Energize your health and life through the experience.

About medical institutions

MODEL SCHEDULING PLAN − We will help with only one plan for you. −

  1. 1



    Fukuoka Airport → Car movement → Affiliated medical institution

    ★Orientation for comprehensive medical examination on the next day.★

    Car movement → shopping in Fukuoka City → Car movement → Hotel

  2. 2



    Hotel → Car movement → Affiliated medical institution

    ★Have a comprehensive medical examination according to your desired plan.★

    After the examination, the doctor will tell you the result.

    Car movement → Sakurazakakanzansou<night view/Japanese banquet> → Car movement → Hotel

  3. 3



    Hotel → Shinkansen movement → Kagoshima Central Station

    Car movement → Scenic spot Senganen overlooking Sakurajima<Garden/Japanese banquet>

    Car movement → Factory making black vinegar, which is good for health → Car movement → Kirishima hot spring

  4. 4



    Hotel → Car movement → Kirishima Shrine<worship>

    Car movement → Aso <Buckwheat Kaiseki> using natural spring water

    Car movement → Kurokawa hot spring, which is renowned in Japan

  5. 5


    Hotel → Car movement → El Patio farm

    ★Experience yoga in the wilderness of Aso, a large caldera★ → Car movement → Shopping in Fukuoka City → Car movement → Fukuoka Airport

plan only for you

We will suggest a tailored plan combining medical institutions, accommodations,
and other options according to each customer’s request.

If you have any requests or questions,
please feel free to contact us.

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Voice from customersFebruary 2018

It was the best trip; we got to know the magnificence and kindness of Japan.

My wife suffered from tumors in her lungs with a complication of vascular disease, and was diagnosed as technically impossible to undergo surgery in China. Although the United States was also an option, we finally selected to have her surgery done in Japan. We made this decision after hearing that overall costs in Japan are less than those in the United States while the medical standards there are among the best in the world. I think we made the right choice.

Also, because we went sightseeing, we experienced Japanese tradition and culture, so we were able to really relax. We benefited from careful, good service in the inns, and my wife seemed to enjoy the trip, with a smile throughout.

We want to go to Japan again if we have chance.

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